Dear Abu Azka,
On November 05, 2012, at 02:52 pm EST, your account activity shows that you tried to recover your account password for Yahoo! ID m13pass. You may reset your password on November 06, 2012, after 02:52 pm EST by answering the secret questions you chose for your account.
For security reasons, the option to reset your password via secret question will expire on November 12, 2012, at 02:52 pm EST.

Not you? Simply sign in to your account, and when there is an attempt to recover your account, we will continue to hide your option to reset your password via your secret questions and answers. Please update your password-reset info. If you forget your password in the future, we will use this information to help you reset it.

If you believe your account has been compromised, please change your password now. Choose a strong password.
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You recently tried to recover your Yahoo! password through your secret question for m13pass. Not you? More info at -

dikirim pada waktu dan jam yang hampir bersamaan.

Iseng apa iseng neh? peace aja deh...